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Child Care Programs

Expect the best, every day

We're more than just daycare! Our child care programs include your child from birth through kindergarten, guiding them along a path to learning, friendship, and personal growth. Call us for a tour today!

Infant programs and care


Our infants are included in the same room as our toddlers, up to age 3. This provides consistency as the child learns and grows with the same teacher for their first three years. This bond builds comfort and confidence, fostering a place where each child is able to express him or herself freely.

​Toddler programs and care

Older toddlers are mentors to their younger classmates, allowing them to take a sense of pride in helping and teaching their playmates.

Each age group also has their own developmentally-appropriate area to explore.

Infant & Toddler programs:​

  • Full Day

  • Part-Time

  • Half Day

Preschool Programs

Children enrolled in our preschool program are provided with a play-based, developmentally-appropriate curriculum. They are introduced to colors, letters, language arts and science.


State-certified teachers use Benchmarks and Creative Curriculum (goals developed by the CT Department of Education) to help the children with all the skills they will need to be successful in kindergarten.

Full Day Preschool programs:​

  • Full Day

  • Part-Time

Half Day Preschool programs:​

  • 2 Days

  • 3 Days

  • 5 Days

Kindergarten Enrichment

  • September - June

  • June - August

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